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March 18, 2012

At Bible debate one day, my friends and I were reading this verse from the Old Testament; Num 13:33 “And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants:” We had a discussion about the giants and we did a bit of research on our own. We found no historical or archeological evidence to prove that giants ever existed on earth. Then we researched the Hebrew word which giants in that verse was translated from, and found that in Hebrew the word was “nephiyl,” transliterated from “naphal” which means, “to fall.” No way, no how, did it even come close to meaning the word ‘giant’. In fact, that made the entire story line change. So I looked up the Hebrew transliterated meaning of Anak the father of the “giant” in that verse and discovered that it meant “neck.”

That led me to retranslate that entire Parable which enticed me to do the same with many of the perplexing and mysterious stories that have stumped my Bible study group for so many years.

The outcome was nothing less than shocking. After years of retranslating and investigating hundreds of verses I actually found the mark of the beast 666. It will never ever be seen using the scribal definitions within any of today’s English Bibles because it is hidden just like the words we discovered in the verse about giants.

Everybody seems to think that the mark will be on the forehead but it is actually “in the forehead” (Rev 14:9) where the brain (mind) is located. This is monumental for the two billion people expecting this visible mark. However, it is merely the beginning of a new universal form of sight.

I also found the answers to ALL of the mysterious and previously unsolvable parables and verses which stumped everybody for so many years. By retranslating all of the words in a particular parable the stories in some cases explain an entirely different and perfectly understandable scenario than the current literal translation. It is extremely interesting and very informative.

One example is the very troubling parable found in Genesis Chapter 19. It is the story of a man named Lot who lived in the town of Sodom. He received two male visitors in his home. Through the current words of the scribes —  a city of homosexual men banged on Lot’s door demanding to have homosexual intercourse with the visiting men. At this point, Lot offered his two virgin daughters to satisfy the sexually excited mob. If you ask scholars of the three Moses-based religions for their expert opinion on this issue, their answers are identical. They collectively agree that, “that is the way they did things in those days and homosexuality is evil.” However, using the transliterated meaning of each word, a new and very logical meaning is reconstructed and the original story becomes totally ridiculous.

One of the most informative discoveries I made is the intended meaning behind the biblical disease of leprosy. As written in English, it was an illness that was cured and forgotten. Through the transliterated version, leprosy becomes a disease which is an epidemic today. It is personal struggles such as obesity, alcoholism, emotional distress, anxiety, etc. The best part is that the painless cure also becomes clearly obvious, simply through an unobstructed and concise thought process of mental positioning.

This transliterated view also reconstructs the meaning within the Muslim Quran. It becomes apparent that when the Quran literally demands that “all infidels are to be killed,” the literal readers follow their divine orders and terrorists begin their jihad. But when translated back to the intended meaning, the ‘great internal jihad’ begins. The jihad becomes the battling thoughts of good vs. evil, both present in the mind of the reader. It was never meant to be Muslims vs. the rest of the world. It becomes so simple a child can see it.

This was such a phenomenal discovery that I decided to reveal it all in a ‘Biblical Research Journal’. Prior to publishing it, I tested it by having a Roman Catholic, an Evangelical, a Muslim and an Atheist read my transcript. No one disagrees on any point or fact. All agree that their lives have changed for the better. The entire Bible and Quran have transformed into perfect enlightening literary works only when the transliterated versions are understood. But they remain unfinished, traditional storybooks of war and hateful destruction when translated by the original scribes and Pharisees. “Mat 23:15 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!”

I believe that when this new information is introduced sooner or later to the world of Bible and Quran readers who are in a continuous battle on many levels, the entire world will finally understand that all scripture points to peace not war. Here is the perfect example. The entire fundamental religious world is waiting for the battle of Armageddon. This is seen as the apocalypse which is literally defined as, “any universal or widespread destruction or disaster.” However, apocalypse transliterated back to its etymological Greek beginning means, “to uncover or unveil” which is exactly what I have done.

To read my entire investigation on your computer in PDF format, or on your E Book, or in paperback click on the below link.

If the link fails to open go to, click on Bookstore, enter “The Lost Rivers Out of Eden” or call


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